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edition:hardcover, 128 pages

author: Natalie Righton

illustrator: Ton Koene

Help, My Igloo Is Melting!

How do you survive climate change? Hear stories from children around the world who are affected by this threatening phenomenon.

We all know the climate is changing. But what does that mean when you live in the Arctic? Or in the rainforest in South America? Or on an island that is slowly drowning in the Pacific? Or in the African desert?

Natalie Righton and Ton Koene visited children in areas where climate change is already affecting their daily lives. They met Jemery in Gjoa Haven, Halima in Ethiopia, Toei in Funafala and Tepkatsie in Brazil. Halima's area is drying out, Toei is threatened by the raising water. What are the impacts? Here are just two: the ice on the North Pole is melting, so the polar bears can't hunt anymore and in Brazil more and more trees are cut down, causing erosion, pollution and more devastating consequences.

With hundreds of vivid, colorful pictures and clear background information.

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