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price:USD 17,95
edition:hardcover, 32 pages

author: Koos Meinderts

illustrator: Annette Fienieg

The Lighthouse

An intergenerational tale of a boy who learns the story of his grandmother's generous, loving life

Grandma is old, but the lighthouse is older. Much older.
It was already old when grandma was a little girl, when she lived in the village behind the dunes.
She dreamed about it - that later on, when she grew up, she'd live in the round room high up in the lighthouse.
And her dream came true, because living in the round room was Jonas, the son of the lighthouse keeper. Jonas dreamed about grandma before she was a grandma, when she was just a happy girl with apple red cheeks.

Thus begins of he story of the Lighthouse; a story of generations coming and going, of the sea, of hope. and tenderness.

Koos Meinderts wrote this gentle, flowing story and his wife Annette provided the warm and evocative art of a distant time and place.

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