Picture Books

price:USD 19,95
edition:hardcover, 56 pages

author: Jesse Goossens

illustrator: Marije Tolman

Jumping Penguins

Little known yet fascinating facts about animals brought to life by the artist behind The Tree House and The Island.

If a camel gets angry, he will throw up green gastric juice over you.
A sloth moves so slowly that green algae grows in his fur.
Even a blind chameleon takes the color of its surroundings.

Bologna Ragazzi Award winner Marije Tolman, creator of The Tree House and The Island, illustrates in her distinctive style curious, funny, bizarre, unbelievable, disgusting and weird facts about fifty different animals.

The animal facts are straightforward nonfiction, Marije Tolman's illustrations are pure fantasy, creating a combination that is sure to engage readers.

After reading and watching Jumping penguins a visit to the zoo will never be the same.

A flamingo can only eat with its head upside down.
A penguin is able to jump six feet high.
If you wanted to see as sharply as an owl, you would need eyes as big as grapefruits.

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