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price:USD 24,95
edition:hardcover, 56 pages

author: Charlotte Dematons

illustrator: Charlotte Dematons


An unprecedented elaborated I Spy book full of breathtaking details

Holland – a land full of surprises, strange traditions, free-spirited people and a rich history.

Charlotte Dematons, known for her well-loved picture book The Yellow Balloon, grew up in France, but moved to the Netherlands to study art as so many have before her. With the eye of an outsider but a warm heart for the country that became her new home, Charlotte Dematons paints with a keen eye for the detail for everything that makes The Netherlands so Dutch.

It's easy to see how New York was first New Amsterdam when delving into modern-day Holland. The idiosyncrasies that make Holland so unique are revealed: from pensionada in unisex rain jackets on their bikes to a grandmother with her ?walker, skating on the ice, between the scenes of Avercamp, Bruegel and Bosch – and of course the multicultural Dutch society revealed and celebrated with wit and warmth.

Holland is accompanied by a companion paperback (sold in a package deal) explaining all details of every amazing picture, making this book both an I Spy book and an armchair travel guide for anyone already fond of this small country of tulips, windmills and so much more.

About Holland, but also so much more--a celebration of everyday life in contemporary times.
Gorgeous, detailed illustrations invite repeat viewings.

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