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price:USD 8,95
edition:hardcover, 24 pages

author: Maranke Rinck

illustrator: Martijn van der Linden

Hush Little Turtle

The perfect “Dream Big: Read!”-book.

Turtle has a problem: He can’t go to sleep! His friends try to help him out:
Bat makes him a cup of hot milk.
Bird sings a song.
Bat gives him a pacifier
and Deer thinks Turtle needs to be cradled.
Nothing works.

Turtle knows what would help him: to be driven around.
But none of the animals have a car.
Then Deer comes up with a cunning plan…

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"Restless Turtle can't fall asleep. Under the dark night sky, a group of friends rests cozily in their sleeping bags-except for Turtle. Though his pals are quick to offer suggestions to help him snooze, warm milk, a lullaby and rocking provide no relief. The techniques to placate him cross species boundaries, to often humorous effect; Octopus' suggestion that the reptile stuff a pacifier into his mouth is sheer delight. Turtle's own idea for napping satisfaction requires some creative planning on his pals' part but finally turns restlessness into relaxation. The dialogue successfully captures the good-hearted banter, and repetitive statements enhance the deadpan fun. "Turtle turns over. Again. And again, and again, and again. 'Oh great,' he sighs after a while. 'Now I'm all tangled up.'" There's folksy flair throughout as black backgrounds showcase animals comprised of intricately detailed patterns on shells and fur. Bat's polka-dotted face, striped body and flowered wings are representative of the ebullient design. Stay awake for these fantastic friendships."
-Kirkus (Starred review)

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