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price:USD 16,95
edition:hardcover, 22 pages

author: Sylvia van Ommen

illustrator: Sylvia van Ommen

The Surprise

A story with only two words - the title. A book so delightful and quirky we are sure you'll fall in love with it. Have you ever wanted to surprise a friend? We don't want to give it away so just open it and read the pictures.


Included in NEW BOOKS FOR MISSOURI STUDENTS, 2008 edition produced by the Missouri State Teacher Association


"A feel-good tale ... bright in both mood and color."
-Kirkus Reviews

"True to its title, this quiet, wordless story will keep readers wondering just what the protagonist, a sheep, is up to. ...Obviously she is preparing something special-but what is it? The final page turn brings a satisfying resolution to the mystery. Even the very young will be able to follow the story by "reading" the uncluttered, outlined illustrations. The vignettes of the sheep dying, washing, and blow-drying the wool while it is still on her body and then shaving it off are priceless. Her trips via motorcycle, pocketbook slung across her shoulder, bag of wool strapped on the back, and the scenes depicting her struggle to keep her eyes open as she plies her knitting needles reveal her dogged dedication to her task. A fine addition for wordless-book collections."
-School Library Journal

"[V]an Ommen portrays a sequence of initially mysterious actions that conclude with a sweet, satisfying message about generosity. ...[C]harming compositions in thickly applied gouache clearly chronicle the sequence of events. ...A crisp story-in-pictures for prereaders, or for use with older children in writing exercises. This is especially suited as a way to practice "process" vocabulary words (first, next, then, finally, and so on)."

"This sly, wordless story follows Sheep as he prepares a special gift for his friend Giraffe. ...[B]right, spare paintings offer just enough detail and information to keep pages turning. ...Sheep is clearly a cool, confident fellow, and the fact that he runs his various errands on a cherry-red motorbike only adds to his appealing élan. Youngsters should certainly get a giggle out of several visual gags in this slim story, particularly Giraffe's satisfied countenance as he admires his new duds."
-Publishers Weekly

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