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author: Charlotte Dematons

illustrator: Charlotte Dematons

The Yellow Balloon

Writer and illustrator Charlotte Dematons brings the same enchanting look to this picture book that made her Worry Bear and Looking for Cinderella so successful. Lovely watercolors portray a great and diverse planet teeming with life at all times of day and night. People and animals of every shape, color, size, and costume are seen, busy at work and play. As the yellow balloon floats through many time periods - ancient, medieval, and contemporary - and realms both natural and supernatural, young readers can also look for the small blue car, the fakir on his flying carpet, and the scoundrel in prison garb.

This story will fascinate young readers as they embark on a lively and fun-filled journey around the globe.


Included in Book Crush: For Kids and Teens, Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Interest by Nancy Pearl (Sasquatch Books, 2007)
Parenting Mom-Tested! Book of the Year--2004


"elaboration of visual ideas proposed in the author's Let's Go (2001) makes an absorbing odyssey."
-Kirkus Reviews

"Recalling Anno's classic journeys and the popular Waldo books (not to mention Lamorisse's Red Balloon), a wordless Dutch import invites readers to track a balloon's world travels. Stories develop in a dozen pleasingly complex, thematic aerial views. The art is handlsome and engagingly colorful, and the offbeat juxtapositions and cleverly concealed stories add a lot of interest."
-Horn Book Guide

"Dematons's art is both handsome and engagingly colorful, and the offbeat juxtapositions and cleverly concealed stories add a lot of interest."
-Horn Book

"This oversize, wordless picture book, originally published in the Netherlands, is a combination of Where's Waldo and The Red Balloon. ... The appeal is the discovery of new and recurring images within each brightly colored milieu -a coven of witches in the forest, Batman in a corner, a fakir on a magic carpet, a fugitive in prison-striped garb. The art commands repeated viewings, and the more you look the more you see."

"This wordless picture book traces the journey of a rogue balloon as it is carried along from scene to scene. This format is similar to that of Jean Marzollo's "I Spy" books (Scholastic) and Martin Handford's "Where's Waldo" series (Candlewick), as children are challenged to find the tiny balloon, as well as other objects, in action-filled pictures. The aerial views are panoramic and the colors are breathtaking. Depicting many different parts of the world and many unique landscapes, the illustrations are imaginative and elaborate, and brimming with hundreds of captivating miniature details. With the artwork providing a springboard, opportunities for picture-inspired storytelling are unlimited. This stunning offering has broad appeal."
-School Library Journal

"A delightful ride for armchair travelers."
-Publishers Weekly

"While admiring the Where's Waldo? style pictures, readers will have fun looking for a small blue car, the fakir on a flying carpet, and a prisoner in a black and white uniform."
-Christian Schools International

"A balloon circles the globe in a detailed, wordless tour perfect for I Spy-ing."
-Parenting Magazine, Orangeville, FL

"Children will enjoy the search and find a story. ...chasing the yellow balloon will be completely satisfying."
-Library Media Connection

"Clever ... imaginative ... In the vein of Where's Waldo and the I Spy books, this global journey is a creative and fun filled voyage."
-Children's Literature

"As with many brilliant picture books, the core idea behind The Yellow Balloon by Charlotte Dematons is incredibly simple; A balloon is let go of and it floats around the world. There could hardly be a barer basic storyline to this entirely wordless book. Despite, and perhaps also because of this, Yellow Balloon is a tour de force of both storytelling and illustration, a book your children will spend hours with, a book I'll wager you'll pick up after the kids are in bed, to look for secret clues and take part in your own flights of imagination. What makes this book so brilliant? · Its vast scale - the yellow balloon's journey is truly epic and breathtaking, across continents, over mountains and vast oceans. · Its incredible detail - so precise, appealing to many children's love of miniature worlds, capturing that same sense of amazement you can feel when you look through a microscope and bee minutia you hadn't previously been aware of. · Its vibrancy - Dematons uses sumptuous, evocative colours in her illustrations - they feel live, and it's almost as if you could smell the markets, cities and bazaars the balloon floats over. · Its historical and geographical details that will lead you to pick up other books out of curiosity, because you want to find out more about great animal migrations, aircraft carriers, the Great Wall of China or the sinking of the Titanic. These cameos enable the book to be enjoyed on many levels and by many ages. · Its connecting threads - a fakir on a flying carpet and an escaped prisoner frequently, often providing an occasion for a good giggle. · Its secrets for lovers of children's literature - Nils Holgersson, Pippi Longstocking, Red Riding Hood, and other characters from childhood such as Batman and Tarzan and Jane can be found if you pour over the pages long enough! Not entirely unlike the magnificent Anno's Journey, The Yellow Balloon is a wonderful book which will take you on a tremendous journey, although in its scope and style The Yellow Balloon is more like a fairy tale symphony to Anno's (beguiling but less romantic) baroque invention.To sum up: Let yourself have your breath taken away. Be immersed in 1001 different, amazing, intriguing stories. Treat yourself to this incredibly beautiful, imaginative and inspiring book!"
-Playing by the Book

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