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price:USD 14,95
edition:hardcover, 32 pages

author: Charlotte Dematons

illustrator: Charlotte Dematons

Let's Go

The walk to the store isn't far. It's just through the backyard. But this backyard isn't just any backyard when viewed with the imagination. It can be a forest inhabited by a dragon and a sleeping giant. It can be rocks near a shore, with a boat just ready to take you out to sea, where there might be whales, mermaids, or even pirates! Each color scene is viewed from above and filled with details.


"Going to the store on a simple errand becomes an adventure, for narrator and viewer both, in this visual imagination stretcher from the author of Looking For Cinderella (1996). Each scene offers a bird's-eye view of streets, houses, and yards that seem ordinary at first glance but where a leafy patch conceals a dragon or a giant, a child clad in red meets a certain wolf, and a pond becomes an ocean, with shipwrecks, mermaids, and a majestic whale visible below the glassy surface. Further marvels await discovery by the sharp of eye - the graffiti that mysteriously appears on a newly painted house, the bearded dwarves trooping into a certain thatched cottage. Children who enjoy following pathways in pictures and carefully examining odd corners for small details-in other words, fans of Arthur Geisert's etchings and Joan Steiner's assemblages-will pore over these uncluttered views. The minimal text ends with a suggestion: 'How do we get back? Maybe we should take the sidewalk?' No Way!"

"Young children will enjoy detecting the dangers that the boy evades."
-School Library Journal

"The narrator's imagination turns his trek into dangerous adventure, as he avoids giants, whales, and pirates. The double-page spreads offer a lot to look at."
-Horn Book Guide

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