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price:USD 15,95
edition:hardcover, 28 pages

author: Clara Linders

illustrator: Marijke ten Cate

The Very Best Door of All

Evan the skunk knocks on all his friends' doors to invite them to his birthday party. Pip the porcupine sets out to find the perfect present for his friend. But nothing seems quite right - not an empty mailbox, nor a ball, or an apple tree (even if it were portable), not a rusty bucket, not a slippery goldfish, and never new clothes. Then Pip remembers something Evan once said to him. He's sure Evan will be surprised and, he hopes, pleased by his most unusual idea.

Charming color paintings illustrate the text.


"A cockamamie story about a cockamamie birthday present-suitable as an April Fool's joke from Netherlanders Linders and Cate ... A little treat made memorable by Cate's stunning artwork, with its sophisticated color and design."
-Kirkus Reviews

"Her animals exude a sweet, easygoing demeanor ... The full-bleed, double-spread layouts have enough dense, textured color and verve to keep the story moving to its quiet punchline."
-Publishers Weekly

"This simple, European-flavored story about friendship is a charming read with amusing . A hedgehog named Pip worries that he'll never find the right present for his friend Evan, a badger who is having a birthday. Pip misunderstands Evan's comment about the very best door of all, and after mulling over gifts, decides to remove his front door and put a big bow on it. The misunderstanding will resonate with children who are just learning the nuances of language. Cate's ten have nice subplots, such as a rainfall of nails that results in a bandaged birdie."
-Children's Literature

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