Juvenile fiction

price:USD 15,95
edition:hardcover, 178 pages

author: Jowi Schmitz

My Name Is Olivia ... And I Can't Do Anything About It

How do you cope with the loss of your mother, while your father is jolted as well? With wit, courage, humor and improvising.

Olivia is ten years old. The major problem in her life is that her mother died. The second major problem is that her father doesn't really know what to do ...

Olivia and her father live on a small boat in the garden of a barbershop. Temporarily, says her dad. But how long is temporarily? And how do you get away from a boat in a garden with a father who doesn't know what to do, without a mother, but with lots of memories of how life was before?

Smart for her age and vulnerable, brave and funny - Olivia will steal your heart.

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"This is such a sweet little book about a ten-year-old girl coping with the death of her mother ... I just loved it. The ten-year-old narrator is so genuine in her feelings as she moves through the stages of grieving. This would be a great book for a child dealing with the loss of a parent and would be a good purchase for libraries."
-Annie Tupek