Juvenile fiction

Thea Beckman

Thea Beckman (1923 - 2004) was born in Rotterdam. She is the most famous Dutch author of historical novels for the young. Her books have been awarded several prestigious prizes by children´s and adult juries and are still very popular among all ages.

She began writing in 1947, but it was not until her children were grown, that she devoted herself to writing full time. Crusade in Jeans was first published in 1973. It became an overnight success, making her one of the most popular authors of juvenile books in the Netherlands.

Ms. Beckman is fascinated by history and wrote books about many historical periods from the Middle Ages to the future. In 1974 Crusade in Jeans was awarded The Golden Pen (the most prestigious Dutch national award for children's books). In 1976 the Province of Trento, Italy, named it the Best European Historical Juvenile Book. In 1984 Ms. Beckman was awarded the Huib de Ruyter Prijs (a prize from Dutch teachers for all her historical novels).

Ms. Beckman has the ability to bring other centuries vividly to life. Her characters are realistic and her stories compelling. She died in 2004.

books by Thea Beckman:

Crusade in Jeans
Crusade in Jeans